Grow Your Own Herbs And Selling Herbs

When is the last time you lament at the price of herbs selling at the supermarket?

If you like to use herbs in your cooking, you definitely notice the high price of herbs, both fresh and dried.

It is time for you to grow your own herbs to save money. If you want to make a profit, you can start selling herbs to your family, friends and neighbors, before selling herbs online.

Let us talk about how you can start to grow your own herbs.

You need to do some market research before you grow your own herbs for profits.

That means instead of growing

those exotic herbs that seldom appear in the supermarket, you need to grow those herbs that everyone knows, and uses frequently.

These includes basil leaves, parsley, rosemary, dill, oregano, coriander and thyme.

The next thing you have to do is to borrow books from the library.

You need to know the ideal conditions for growing the herbs. Some herbs require a few hours of direct sunlight.

If you stay in an apartment without the benefits of full sunshine, you have to select those herbs that grow well indoor.

If you do not even know that there are curly and continental parsleys, you have to put in more hours of research.

You need to know the pests that frequently attack the plants, and how to get rid of them naturally.
Nobody likes to buy herbs full of pesticide.

It is best that you know the worst that can happen, so that you can take action at the first sign of trouble.

The next thing you have to know is the full grown size of the herbs. It is annoying to have the herbs outgrown the planter box within a few weeks, and kill off all the other herbs in the same box by its sheer size.

Now let us look at the tools needed for planting herbs indoor.

You need at least two planter boxes. You need two bags of potting mix. You need a packet of fertilizer for the herbs.

The easiest way of growing your own herbs is to buy the small pot of herbs from the local nursery.

You can look at the stems to determine if the herbs originally grow outdoor or in the greenhouse.

The ones that grow outdoor have stronger and straighter stem. This is the result of hours under the sun and wind.

Those plants grow in a greenhouse look nice but the stem is

rather weak and green.

It is better to choose herbs that grow outdoor if you are planting them in the garden or by the window.

Once you have experience growing your own herbs, you can start to grow herbs for sale.

You can start calling all your relatives staying near your place. You can ask them what herbs they want, so that you can grow and sell to them.

You can make use of the fundraising sales in the region to market your products.

You can print your name card, so that customers can call you and buy from you directly.

That is one way of reaching out to the customers.

Another way of reaching out is to contact the owners of the restaurants near your place. You can offer to supply some of the herbs at a discounted price. The restaurant owners are not layperson to the growing of herbs. They will probably ask you some questions about pests control to test your competency.

Make use you can grow enough quantity, and never over promise. If you fail to deliver once, you will not get a repeat order.

Imagine how embarrassing for the owners to tell customers that they have run out of parsley, just because you play them out.

As the price of fresh produces keep increasing, you will not regret your decision to grow your own herbs. You will feel glad to use the savings from growing your own herbs to pay bills.

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