Home Colon Cleansing: Tips For Success

You know the benefits of a home colon cleansing. However, you do not think you can succeed in a home colon cleansing.

You fear that you do not have the determination to succeed in a home colon cleansing session. You will be surprised to hear that you will not feel hungry when you are doing a home colon cleansing.

You do not need to fast. You need to stay away from the high fats, high calories and processed food during a home colon cleansing session.

What are the tips for a successful home colon cleansing?

1.  ingredients

If you want to plan your own home

colon cleansing recipe, you need to find powerful ingredients.

You can include fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, apples, oranges, cranberry, grapes, tomatoes, carrots and others.

You need to eat all these fruits and vegetables in the raw stage. You can make a mix juice out of the fruits and vegetables.

If you are buying commercial herbal product for your home colon cleansing session, make sure the ingredients contain powerful herbs.

Some of the common herbs include garlic, rose hips, Lactobacillus Bifidus, green tea, and Cayenne Pepper.

2.  water

You need to drink water to help the colon to get rid of waste material.

You can drink juice. You can drink distilled water for the best effect. You can make apple cider vinegar. You can drink distilled water with a few drops of lemon.

You need to avoid alcoholic beverages. If you like to drink coffee and tea, make sure you do not add sugar and milk.

3.  Exercise

You need to exercise in order to make the colon work harder. When you are having a home colon cleansing, you do not feel up to a 5 miles run.

However, you can

do simple exercise, such as walking, squatting and stretching.

One very simple exercise is rebounding. It means to jump up and down on a rebounded. If that is not possible, you can do rope skipping instead.

4.  rest and relax

You need to rest well enough for the body to function well. That is why you need to keep the two to three days free.

You can listen to music to relax. You can rest if you want to.

A well rested body can get rid of waste material faster.

Home colon cleansing: avoid sugar and junk food

During the two to three days for a home colon cleansing, you must avoid sugar and junk food.

You will have sufficient sugar from the raw fruits and vegetables. You do not need any more sugar. You have to avoid junk food as well.

There is no point doing a home colon cleansing when you are still taking in junk food.

Once you have successfully done a home colon cleansing, you can consider reducing junk food from your diet.

You have to change your diet to incorporate enough dietary fiber for a healthy colon. Once you have enough dietary fiber every day, your body can get rid of waste material easily. 

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