How To Answer Tough Interview Questions

When is your last job interview? Do you feel you have done a bad job of answering the tough interview questions?

Most working adults have to face job interviewers. Even potential CEOs have to learn how to answer tough interview questions.

How to answer tough interview questions? Let us take a look at some common interview questions.

1.  tell me about yourself

This is often the first interview question. You need to expect this question in every job interview.

You can keep to your professional achievement. Do not talk about your pending marriage. Do you talk about your dream for a big house.

Before you attend

the job interview, you can read the job advertisement thoroughly. You can find out the kind of person the employer is looking for. If you are exactly the kind of person they want, you need to highlight your personality traits.

2.   your weaknesses

It is common for the interviewers to pay more attention to how you answer about your weaknesses than your strengths.

You can highlight certain skills you need to work on as your weaknesses. If you are better at Excel than at Powerpoint, you can highlight that as a weakness.

In this case, you are telling the employer that you are working hard to improve your skills.

You can also highlight your strength and talk about it as a weakness. If you are a meticulous person, you can say that you pay too much attention to the detail at times.

That means you are carrying your strength too far, until it becomes a weakness.

3.  Situational questions

These are the types of questions that are unpredictable.

The job interviewers will ask you how do you react when the customers say something or do something. The job interviewers want to see how fast you can think. If you start to panic, and let an uncomfortable silence lasts longer

than is necessary, you will lose the chance to get the job.

The best way to answer situational questions is to use the It Depends technique. You can say it depends on the mood of the customer. If the customer is in a very bad mood, you will listen and try to calm him down. If the customer is just unhappy with certain product feature, you can explain what you will do to help the customer.

It depends whether your boss is around. If your boss is around, you can seek help from your boss.

You have to remember that situational questions do not require a yes or no answer. You have to react calmly and try to think from different angles.

4.  do you have any questions for me?

This is the chance to show off your research. If you have learnt that the company is acquiring another company, you can ask about the development. You can ask how the department is affected by the new development.

Do not ask stupid question such as how long is the tea break. Do not ask about benefits and compensation matter.

The interviewers are the ones to initiate the discussion of the salary and benefits.

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