How To Burn More Calories In A Day

Losing weight is about taking in less calories every day. Losing weight is also about burning more calories every day.

When we can burn more calories than we take in, we can achieve the goal of weight loss.

How to burn more calories in a day? How to burn more calories without changing our routine too drastically?

Most of us cannot tolerate the fact that we need to take up running in order to burn more calories. It is hard to push ourselves for a 30 minutes run when we are leading a sedentary lifestyle.

However, there are certain ways to burn more calories

from our daily activities.

Let us take a look at how to burn more calories in a day.

1.  walk

Use a pedometer to measure the number of steps you take every day.

Most people leading a sedentary lifestyle hardly exceed 4,000 steps. You can plan to add another 2,000 steps every day.

The addition of 2,000 steps means just 20 minutes more walking. That is not difficult. It just means 2 minutes of walking for every hour.

2.  eating spicy food

Have you tried really hot Indian curry? Have you tried the spicy and sour Tom Yam Soup, a specialty of Thailand?

If you have tried the really hot and spicy food, you will not forget it. You will remember how the energy from food converts to heat almost immediately.

That is one way to burn more calories.

3.  cooler temperature

When you are in a cooler room, your body will produce more heat. That means your body will burn more

calories to produce the heat.

It is good practice to decrease the temperature to create a cooler environment.

4.  Eat food that is harder to digest

When you eat food that is harder to digest, your body will need more calories to digest the food. That is the whole concept of negative calories diet.

That is why eating an apple is always better than drinking apple juice. Your body needs more calories to digest the apple than to digest the apple juice.

5.  speed up metabolism

You can drink water with a few drops of lemon juice. The acidic properties of the lemon juice will aid in speeding up your metabolism.

You can also drink coffee and tea without milk and sugar. Both contain caffeine. Caffeine is a naturally fat burner.

Do you know how to burn more calories in a day? You can try the simple tips above and experience with other ways.

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