How To Choose Golden Hamsters

Golden hamsters are little furry and cute pets. You do not need to spend as much time caring for golden hamsters as a dog.

Choosing healthy and lively golden hamsters is the first and most important step to pet ownership.

You should set up a home for your golden hamsters before you buy the hamsters. Golden hamsters are shy and scared when you bring them to a new environment. Placing them straight into their new homes can help them to settle in faster.

You should buy the golden hamsters from the local authorized pet shop or breeder. You should pay attention to the

hygiene standard of the pet shop or breeding ground.

You do want to choose healthy pets. Golden hamsters breed in disgusting and dirty environment could carry unknown diseases in their bodies.

You should choose golden hamsters between five to seven weeks old. They are more sociable at that age. Observe all the golden hamsters available for sale. Do not make a buying decision hastily.

Ask the breeder or shop owner to let you hold the golden hamsters. Do not buy from them if they refuse your request. Make sure that all the golden hamsters you want to buy have all its fur, no scars in any part of the body, and the ears should be in one piece.

Make sure that none of the golden hamsters suffers from wet tail disease. Wet tail disease is a fatal and contagious


Once a golden hamster suffers from wet tail disease, the whole lot of golden hamsters will get it. Do make sure that the golden hamsters look healthy and have dry bottom. Wet bottom is a telltale sign of wet tail disease.

Watch the golden hamsters play for a few minutes. Choose the golden hamsters that are alert, and willing to explore.

Use a plastic carrying case to bring the golden hamsters home. Do not use cardboard boxes, you do not want the hamsters to chew through the cardboard boxes, and hide in your car. You have a hard time catching for them.

Do keep the receipt for the golden hamsters. Ask about the return policy before you make payment. Ask for recommendation for a good veterinarian for hamsters. Ask about the feeding routine and general tips for taking care of hamsters.

Pet breeders and pet shop owners have some tips that come from their experience. You are not likely to learn from anywhere else.

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