How To Control Tv Addiction

It is extremely hard to get rid of TV addiction. Watching TV is a national pastime in many countries. It is hard to throw away the TV and declare yourself cured of TV addiction.

However, there are certain things you can do to control TV addiction.

It may seem painful to change your habit, since you always switch on the TV once you step into the house. However, you will agree that controlling TV addiction brings joy and peace into your house.

How do you control TV addiction?

1. Set goal

You can set a weekly goal or a daily goal.

If you set a goal

of watching just ten hours of TV a week, you need to find things to occupy the rest of your time.

You cannot realistically do nothing.

2. Decide on what to watch

You can scan through the TV guide and decide on what you want to watch.

Put it into the schedule, and try to schedule some other activities before and after the TV show. If you need to go for grocery shopping after the show, you are less tempted to keep watching TV.

TV addiction requires planning and conscious effort to subdue.

3. Limit news

You can limit the hours spend on watching news.

There is no need to know how many people have died in the recent accidents,

car crashes or earthquakes. You cannot do anything about it except to donate some money.

You can scan the news headline in the Internet, so that you do not miss out important news either.

4. Help your kids get rid of TV addiction

It is relatively easy to get rid of TV addiction as a family. All of you can encourage each other to kick off the TV addiction.

You can bring your kids to the park, to the zoo, to the playground and shopping mall, so that they do not have time to keep watching TV.

It is hard to control TV addiction in the first month. Once you get used to the new routine, you will find that TV addiction does not such power in your life anymore.

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