How To Find Lost Hamster

Finding a hammer that is hiding in your house is a frustrating experience. You hunt high and low for the elusive hamster. Your small cozy house suddenly appears huge, as you concentrate on hunting for your lost hamster. There are a thousand and one places for the hamster to hide.

How do you find the lost hamster?

You can try a few tricks to lure the hamster out. Hamsters are active at night, so try these tricks at night.

Put hamster food in each room. Do not let the hamster has a chance to run from one room to another. Do remember to

close the doors, so that hamster cannot run from one room to the next. Put the hamster food on a piece of aluminum foil, so that you can hear the hamster making its way to the food.

You can sprinkle flour on the floor of the rooms that you suspect the hamster is. When the hamster comes out of its hiding place, you can see its footprints leading out and into the hiding place.


clean the cage of the hamster. Put bedding material, plus food and water in the cage. Do remember to put the wheel inside. Leave the door of the cage open, and put the cage on the floor. The hamster may seek the comfort of his home, and build a nest in the cage.

You can sprinkle some of your hamster’s favorite seeds outside the cage. Your hamster will want to eat his favorite food, and hopefully go into the cage to rest and run the wheel.

Your house is a very big place for a hamster. You have to use creativity to outwit your hamster and lure it out of its hiding place.

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