How To Find Writing Ideas?

You want to write articles. You want to make a lot of money from selling articles. The problem is: you have no idea what to write.

How do you find ideas for your articles?

Ideas come from everywhere. You look up from your computer, and saw the wall painting. It was painted by a young painter in Paris. You remember the day you bought his painting.

You choose to write an article about your holiday in Paris. You consider writing an article about this young writer. Even though you do not know him personally, you can make up a tale about a young

painter selling his first painting.

You look at the picture. It shows the countryside of France with a lonely but beautiful cottage.

You think about living in the beautiful cottage. You think about a lovely couple with their young daughter staying here. You want to write a story about the father working diligently to support his young family.

The phone rings. It is the worst gossiper calling you. The conversation lasts for 2 hours. You learn that the Lim family has decided to migrate to Asia. You think about all the things

they have to pack. How do they do the packing? Which freight company to use? Which company offers the best price for moving all the belongings to Asia?

All these questions come into your mind. You plan to undertake some research, and write articles.

You learn that Alice's daughter got measles. You think about how lonely a ten years old girl feel to be quarantined at home when all her friends are playing outdoor. You think about writing an article on measles, and how to use herbal therapy to cure measles.

You learn that the Lee's suffered from a break in. You wonder about home protection. You decide to do some research and write an article about home protection.

After the conversation, you feel as if you have enough ideas to write for a year.

After you complete the writings, please write an article about “how to find ideas for writing” to share your experience.

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