How To Get Free Life Insurance Leads

You know that life insurance industry will never run out of business. That is because everyone needs insurance.

The problem is that you do not know how to contact those people who want to buy insurance.

How to get free life insurance leads? What are the things you can do to get free life insurance leads?

There are several ways to get free life insurance leads. All methods require your time and commitment.

Free life insurance leads: social networking

You can set up a Twitter account, a blog and a Facebook account to advertise your service.

It is important to choose followers carefully. Since your main

purpose is to get leads, you should not waste your time socializing with people who will not buy life insurance from you.

There is no point having a large follower base from people of different continents.

You can use the social networking to dispense advice, and keep them update on the latest promotions and statistic.

Free life insurance leads: Meet more people

You need to meet more people offline and online. You can participate in social activities. If there is a community program, you can volunteer for the event. You can give out your name card to everyone you meet.

That is not the time to talk about life insurance. It is time to give out name card.

You can join all the gatherings. You can join a few groups online. As long as you make your presence felt, you have a chance to get more leads.

Free life insurance leads: ask for referrals

You can ask for referrals from your friends, ex colleagues, family members and your clients.

You can give them a few name cards for distribution to their friends.

While it is hard to ask for referrals in a social gathering, you can keep it short and sweet. Do not push them to give you

the names of their friends immediately.

Free life insurance leads: give name cards

You need to make it a habit to give out name cards wherever you go.

If you are in a queue in a supermarket, you can give out name cards to those who make eye contact with you. You can give name card to the cashier.

You can give name card to the gas attendant. You can give name card to everyone whom you have a chance to meet.

Many people keep name card for a long time. They may not call you immediately. However, when the time comes for them to buy insurance, they will remember you.

Free life insurance leads: door to door

Door to door is a very old method of advertising. You can go door to door to meet your neighbors.

People are more ready to open their doors to familiar face.

Since you are living in the area, your neighbors probably recall seeing you in the shops nearby.

You can introduce yourself and give out name card . Do not impose on them.

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