How To Get A Million Page Views?

How to get million page views? More importantly, how to get million page views that generate profit?

If you are writing articles to make money online, you definitely want to get a million page views.

However, you know that a million page views does not earn if the readers do not click on the advertisements or buy your product.

How to get a million page views?

You must know that getting a million page views is not easy. You need to work very hard to get a million page views.

1.  more articles

You need more articles in order to get a million page views. If

you have a blog, you can place the links to your blog at the end of each article.

It is impossible for one article or ten articles to get a million page views.

If you study those writers with a million page views, you will notice that all of them have at least 1000 articles. It is best that you aim for more than 1000 articles.

2.  seo techniques

You need to use seo techniques in writing articles.

If you do not even know what is seo techniques for writing articles, you cannot expect the readers to come from Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The readers from search engines are the ones who will buy the products or click on the advertisements.

3.  quality of the readers

You will find that you do not earn much money if the readers do not click on the advertisements.

That is the problem with readers from Stumbleupon, Digg or other social book marking sites. You want to have more readers from search engines, since these are the ones who will click on the advertisements or follow your affiliate marketing link to visit the website of the vendor.

4.  brand yourself

You need to brand yourself as a writer who provides useful information.

If a reader likes your article, he will check out your profile to read more articles.

When a reader visits your blog through the link in the article, he may spend an hour at your blog. You can check the

website statistic report to find out the activity of the readers.

A reader who likes your article will promote the article for you.

5.  promotion

There are some writers who are so good that they do not need to promote their content.

When their articles are read and appreciated by reporters from USAToday or Reuters, they can get a few thousand page views per day for a single article.

However, most of us do not belong to this category.

We need to promote the articles. You can use forum signature, discussion forum, social book marketing and social networking sites to promote the content.

It is best to have a group of small and loyal followers who will promote your content for you.

5.  repost in different websites

Since your aim is to get a million page views from your articles, you can repost the content in different website.

Different websites have different reader base. When your article gets 100 page views in one website, and 200 page views in another website, you have a total of 300 page views.

That is a way to increase exposure and get more page views per article.

You can repost the content to a few website so that you can get a thousand page views per article. That will save time on writing articles.

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