How To Get A Promotion

Do you notice there are some people who earn a promotion every year? How do they do that?
Can you learn the techniques of how to get a promotion?

Yes, you can. Actually it is not hard to get a promotion, especially when there is an opening.

Your company would rather promote an existing staff than to hire a stranger.

How to get a promotion?

Let us look at the different ways.

How to get a promotion: talk to your boss

A department head will always assess the abilities and willingness of the current employees to take on bigger role.

You can talk to your manager about

your willingness to take on higher level job. You need to write down convincing reasons for getting that promotion.

Bear in mind that the length of service is not a good reason. There is no reason why your boss needs to give you a promotion just because you stay in the same position for 20 years.

How to get a promotion: Know the challenges of the position.

Some people do not perform well after a promotion, because they are not prepared for it.

A supervisory role is very different from a technical role. Even if you are good at the technical aspects, that does not mean you can handle people.

You need to know the challenges of the position you aim for. You need to tell the manager how you are going to meet the challenges.

How to get a promotion: Work ethics

You can use your work ethnics as a plus factor. If you prove yourself as reliable, and good performer, you can highlight that.

You can focus on your values in life. You can

tell your boss how you are going to apply the same values to work.

How to get a promotion: Be visible

It is not good enough that your boss knows you, and your colleagues in the same department know about you.

You need to be visible to more department. If the boss of your boss does not even know of your existence, he will hesitate to promote you.

You can make yourself visible by volunteering for special projects.

How to get a promotion: confidence

The boss of your boss will want to talk to you. You must speak with confidence.

You will kill your chance of promotion if you are shaking all over when you meet him. You must learn to look at him in the eyes, and speak confidently.

Even if he does not know your work performance at all, he will have confidence in your ability to handle the challenges of the new role.

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