How To Get Shiny Hair

All of us admire celebrities with strong and shiny hair.

We know that they spend a lot on skin care and hair care. However, that does not mean you have to spend a lot of money to get shiny hair.

How to get shiny hair?

It all boils down to the basic tasks of shampooing and conditioning.

Let us talk about shampooing.

1. Frequency of shampooing

If you have extremely thick or frizzy hair, you can do without daily washing.

Most of us need to wash our hair daily in order to get shiny hair.

It is best you shampoo and condition the hair on a daily basis.


Alternate shampoos

You can get different shampoos meant for different purpose, and alternate the use of it.

That means you can use the shampoo with rich moisturizing ingredients for dry hair on Monday.

You can use the shampoo for deep cleansing purpose to get rid of buildup of hair products on Tuesday.

You can use the shampoo for color-treated hair on Wednesday.

The alternate use of shampoo will ensure your hair benefits from all the different properties.

3. Washing hair

You need to soak your hair to the root before using the shampoo.

Most people make the mistake of getting the hair wet, but not to the roots. You can soak your hair longer in water, so that it is wet to the roots.

You should not apply the shampoo directly to your hair. The shampoo may stick to your scalp like glue.

You should apply the shampoo to your hand first. Before you apply all the shampoo to your hair, you can apply some of it at the forehead, temples, nape of your neck and crown.

You can use a comb to distribute the rest of the shampoo throughout the length of your hair.

When you want to rinse off the shampoo, you use warm water to opens the hair shaft. After using warm water, switch to the coldest possible water.

The shiniest of your hair depends on the coldness of the water. The colder it is, the shinier you hair will be.

Let us talk about conditioning the hair, since that is the second most important step to get shiny hair.

1. Frequency of conditioning

Conditioning takes place after every hair wash.

2. Type of conditioner

The type of conditioner depends on

your hair type.

Select the one that address your needs and hair texture.

3. Application of conditioner

You can apply the hair conditioner to your scalp if you have very dry scalp.

If your scalp does not suffer from dryness, avoid apply to the scalp.

Use the conditioner from ears to the part where you can grab into a ponytail. If you have shorter hair, you can apply from ears to the ends of your hair.

Use a comb to comb through the hair in a reverse direction. That means to comb from the end to the root of the hair. This ensures that your hair gets the benefit of the conditioner without breakage.

You should first rinse off with warm water, followed by coldest possible water.

How to get shiny hair?

Shampooing and conditioning the hair do make a difference in the health of your hair.

However, do not forget the impact of a healthy diet and your lifestyle. Be sure to protect your hair from cheap but damaging coloring agents, and other chemicals.

The answer to the question of how to get shiny hair is to combine prevention, shampooing, conditioning, diet and healthy lifestyle.

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