How To Increase Sperm Count Through Diet And Lifestyle Changes

Holding a baby is one of the greatest joy in life. However, many people do not realize the dream of being a father because of low sperm count.

Let us look at some reasons for low sperm count before talking about how to increase sperm count.

Low sperm count: zinc deficiency

Zinc deficiency is one of the easiest problem to solve. You just need to take supplements to increase sperm count.

Low sperm count: smoking

Smoking is a bad habit. Smoking destroys your health gradually, and making it hard for you to become a father.

Low sperm count: excessive alcohol consumption

While a little wine is good,

excessive alcohol consumption is bad for health.

Some people do not think they have the problem of excessive alcohol consumption since they do not get drunk. That is the wrong concept. The harm to the body is reflected in the low sperm count.

Low sperm count: sitting for too long

If you sit for most of the waking hours, and hardly move at all, your health will suffer. Sitting for too long leads to overweight. The layer of fats squeezing the testicles affect the sperm count.

Low sperm count: infection

Infection is a serious problem. If left untreated, your life is at risk. You need to seek medical help if the low sperm count is due to serious health conditions.

All these are common causes of low sperm count. There are other causes as well.

How to increase sperm count?

How to increase sperm count: exercise

Regular exercise is good for your overall health, and certainly increases the sperm count. Regular exercise improves the blood circulation as well.

Since you are not likely to exercise every day, you can use herbal massage oil to massage your body on the rest day.

It will help the muscles to heal, and improve blood circulation too.

How to increase sperm count: Avoid hot bath

If you enjoy taking bath in hot water, you need to stop the habit. Extreme heat hurts the testicles and affect the quality of the sperm.

On the same note, you should avoid very tight underwear as well.

How to increase sperm count: supplements

You can source for supplements to improve your general health

condition. It is better to choose natural supplements with no side effects.

How to increase sperm count: Quit smoking and excessive alcohol consumption

You need to quit smoking and avoid excessive alcohol consumption. If you have both bad habits, you will experience withdrawal syndromes. However, you will feel more alive after a few months.

How to increase sperm count: Limit intercourse to once or twice a week

You cannot expect to maintain a high sperm count if you have intercourse every day. You need to limit intercourse to once or twice a week in order to maintain a high sperm count per ejaculation.

Research shows that sperm count is highest in the early morning. You can try to have intercouse early in the morning. This will increase the chance of fatherhood.

How to increase sperm count: Balanced diet

You need to have sufficient nutrients for the daily function of the body. It is important to eat a balanced diet.

While you are tempted to eat certain herbs known to increase sperm count, it is dangerous to consume these herbs every day.

Herbs are dangerous when over consumption occurs. That is why it is important to have balanced diet, and take herbal supplement.

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