How To Increase Traffic To Website

Do you have a blog or a website? Do you write articles online?

When you are writing for your blog or website, or writing articles online, you want to know how to increase traffic to website.

It does not matter that the website does not even belong to you. As long as you have articles on the website, you definitely want to increase traffic to website.

More readers mean more money.

How to increase traffic to website?

1.  Email signature

You can add the link to the website in your email signature. When you send out an email, the link to the website will appear.

You can

ask your friends and colleagues to forward the email so that more people can click on the link.

2.   forum signature

You can add the link in your forum signature. When you join a popular forum, you can gain the attention of forum members and visitors.

You must try to mingle and participate in many discussion threads. You have a chance of getting more readers in this way.

3.  write regularly

You can write regularly in order to attract the attention of the search engine robots. If you have a blog, make sure you update the blog everyday. It does not matter that you post a hundred words short post. It does not matter that you write a thousand words the next day.

It is more important to write consistently.

If you are writing for a writing site, you need to write a bulk of content in order to gain more readers.

When a reader sees that you have a hundred articles, he will be tempted to read a few more articles.
Increase traffic to website: commenting

You can make comments on other websites and blogs to get a link back to your content.

You must make sure that you add a meaningful comment. That

does not mean you agree with everything the blogger says. You must make sure that you add something to the discussion.

If you disagree with the blog post, you need to put forth your argument rationally. When the readers read your comments, and agree with you, they will click on the link to your website.

You must remember to use the Name and URL option to make comments.

Do not make stupid comments, such as nice blog or great article. Everyone knows that you do not read the content.

4.  Ping each post

You have to ping each post or each article. This is to get the search engine spiders to index and send traffic to your blog post or article.

You can use Pingler or Pingomatic to ping the post.

5.  Social networking

You can make use of social networking to increase the readers to your website. Most readers will follow your blog faithfully. They will even promote the content for you.

However, you need to spend time to communicate and network with them. You must not give the impression that you just want page views.

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