How To Overcome Shyness

You are envious of people who are talkative, and always bring life to a party. You are always shy and nervous, and do not know what to say or how to act in a party. You like fun, you love going out with your friends, you like a good time, but you are always too shy to contribute.

How to overcome shyness?

1.  Questions to ask yourself

Do you know why you are shy? Are you afraid of speaking the wrong word? Are you embarrassed when your teacher praised you, and everyone looks at you? Are you afraid of being the laughing stock?

Are you too aware of your weakness in physical appearance, and hope that nobody pays attention to you?

Why are you shy? Keep on asking yourself this question. Once you find out the answer, call your close friends. Ask them if they feel the same way. Surf the Internet and find out if you are the only one in the whole wide world that feels this way.

2.  You are not the only one

You are comforted to know that you are not the only one. Even those people who are so active feel the same way. Even those who are in the spotlight of every party feel the same way.

Everyone feels unworthy at times. Everyone worries about what others think of them. Everyone hates people to laugh at them.

3.  Act confident

The only difference between you and them is that, they manage to look confident. They act courageously. They make eye contact with others. They have the courage to strike a conversation

with strangers. Deep inside, they may be panicky, but they do not reveal their fear.

When you are out with a group of friends, do smile at people, laugh at every joke. Observe all the intelligent words, and stupid things that your friends say. Are they shy about making stupid remarks? Chances are they learn to laugh it off.

4.  Laugh at yourself

This is a very important lesson for you. Learn to laugh at all the stupid remarks that you make. Your friends will laugh at it, not laugh at you. Your friends are not expecting you to be smarter than them. They are silly sometimes, and they do expect you to be silly sometimes.

5.  Comfortable with your appearance

Do not let your physical appearance stops you from enjoying yourself. Not everyone is pretty. Not everyone is handsome. Your friends do not expect you to have film star beauty. They accept you for what you are. Learn to accept yourself, and love your appearance.

You live once, and die once. Throw away your shyness, and enjoy life.

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