How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

You have heard of all the horror stories of identity theft.

You have heard about how the criminals use the identity of innocent parties to apply for various credit cards and incurred all the debt.

You have read all these, and wish that you can protect yourself from identity theft.

How can you do that? How can you protect yourself from identity theft?

1. Be careful what you throw out

Do you make sure that you tear away every single piece of paper containing your personal information?

Most people do not.

They just throw away the unsolicited credit card application from the bank.

They throw away the bank

statements or the credit card statement.

They never bother to shred the papers, thinking it is just a harmless piece of paper.

However, to the identity thieves, all these information are jewels. They can create false passports and various personal documents based on these information.

Make sure you vet everything you want to throw out. If the paper contains even your name and address, please tear it into a thousand pieces before you throw it out.

2. Email

Do you often reply to those emails asking for your personal information?

These emails usually ask you to confirm your personal information by supplying the credit card number or other personal information.

Even if the email seems genuine, you should never reply to it without checking with the bank or the company.

If you are not sure, the easiest way to deal with this is to forward the email to the police. You can ask the police to follow up with the matter.

3. On screen keyboard

There are some Trojan horses that capture every keystroke that you type.

That means when you use the keyboard to type in your user name and password to internet banking, the hackers are able to capture the information.

One of the best ways

to protect you from identity theft online is to use the onscreen keyboard.

You can search for On Screen Keyboard under the All Programs, Accessories folder.

It is best to choose a password that does not mean anything. That means not the name of your company, your daughter, your husband or the date of birth of anyone.

The best password consists of upper cap, lower cap, numbers and alphabets.

If you are a Bible reader, you can use the verses as the guide to create passwords.

For example, Psalms Chapter 119 verse 105 becomes Ps119105.

It is much harder for the hackers to crack this type of passwords.

It is important to protect yourself from identity theft, since money, reputation and life are at stake.

You do not want to find yourself in police custody just because someone uses your identity to create a false passport, and commit acts of terrorism.

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