How To Read The Bible In One Year

The Bible is one of the most remarkable collection of books in the world.

It does not matter whether you are Christians or non Christians, you will become a better person just by reading the Bible.

You will experience a spiritual liberation from completing the whole Bible.

The key is to read the Bible, the entire Bible, without biasness. You have to remember that the Bible does not represent a sect or a religion. Part of the Bible exists before the formation of major religions in this world.

That is why you should read the Bible as it is. Do not let any doctrine

or anyone influences you.

How to read the Bible cover to cover? Is it possible to read the Bible in one year?

It is possible to read the Bible from cover to cover in one year. I have read the Bible from cover to cover twice.

The first time I took 18 months to complete the entire Bible. The second time I took less than a year to read the Bible.

How to read the Bible in one year?

1.  Children story book

You need to read the bible stories for children to get a sense of what the Bible is all about. It does not matter how long you have attended church service.

If you do not know that Elijah lives before Isaiah, you will get very confuse when you read the Bible.

It is better to get the timeline correct by reading the children stories. You will get to know the major characters in the Bible.

2.   Background

You need to get a simple reference book to get the background right. If you do not know that Moses wrote six books and a few psalms, your basic knowledge of the Bible is not enough.

You need to get the background correct. You need to know how the 66 little books are arranged. They are not arranged in chronological sequence.

Once you get the background right, you can start to read the Bible.

3.  Get a reference Bible

You have to get the reference Bible. When you read about King David grieving over the death of his son, you can read the psalm that King David wrote in his grief.

That will strengthen your appreciation of the story.

You do not need to read the Bible from the beginning to the end. You may find that it is easier to read according to the timeline.

That means you can read Job after you finish Genesis. After you finish the book of Job, you can read Exodus.

You have to bear in mind that Job lives before Moses. The event in the book of Job takes place long before the liberation of Israelites from Egypt.

4.  skim through the names

You will find that the book of Numbers is very boring in that you

have read through the sons of sons of sons.

Most of the names do not mean anything to you. You can skim through the names. However, you have to remember that the important names, and try to remember the tribes.

5.   Accept that you will not understand

You need to accept the fact that you will not understand many things in the Bible. You have to remember that you are living in a different world from those people.

You are a few thousand years behind their times. You do not know the culture. You are not in the city. You do not know how those people think and feel.

That is why you will find that the actions taken by God are very confusing at times.

You do not know the meaning of the prophecies in Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelations either. In fact, many Bible scholars are still studying the prophecies.

If you keep thinking and searching for answers as you read the Bible, you are not going to finish the Bible. That is why just accept the fact that you do not and will not understand everything.

You can only appreciate what you have read and understand. That is good enough.

The value of the Bible is that it can change your perspective in life. You will become a better person.

You will see the world differently. You will change your viewpoint towards life, love and money.

You will change your viewpoint towards God, the Creator of the Universe. You will see that God is not the God of the Christians or the God of the Jews or the God of any religion. God is the God of the Universe.

We belong to him, not the other way round. God does not belong to a religion or a religious group.

It is possible to read the Bible in one year. You will never regret the decision to read this remarkable book.

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