How To Wash Hands Properly

Washing hand seems like the most natural thing to do in life.

We have been told all through our lives about the importance of it. However, the ironical thing is that nobody teaches us how to wash hand.

Everyone seems to take it for granted that we know what to do. Our parents, our teachers and the doctors keep on reminding us, yet never really teach us how to wash hand.

We are too stubborn to ask about it anyway. We think we know, or we are too embarrassed to let the doctors know that we do not know.

How to wash hands properly?

Let us look at the simple steps.

1. Make your hands wet, and apply the liquid hand wash or soap.

2. Rub the hands together to form the thick lather.

3. The next step is to scrub everywhere, including the area between the fingers and the delicate skin under the fingernails.

This is a very important step which most of us ignore. Most of us do the first two steps, and then rinse.

4. Do you know how long it takes to scrub? 20 seconds and more, not less. You need at least 20 seconds for the germs to fall off your hands, fingernails, and area between the fingers.

20 seconds is a very short time in most circumstances. However, in hand washing, 20 seconds is a very long time.

You probably need to sing the chorus of your favorite song two or three times.

5. Rinse your hands.

6. Use the paper towel to dry your hands, and then use the paper towel to turn off the tap, and open the door of the washroom.

You will find that you take about a minute to wash your hands properly, from the time you switch on the tap to wet your hands, until you leave the washroom.

A related question is: how often do you wash your hands?

It depends on the circumstances.

If you have a running nose, you need to wash your hands very frequently.

The general guidelines are:

1. Wash your

hands before food. If you eat with your hands, you must wash again after food.

2. Wash your hands before you touch your nose, eyes and mouth.

3. Washing hands after toilet is a must.

4. If you cook, you must wash your hands before you start the preparation for cooking. If you handle meat, you must wash your hands before you open the fridge to take out other items. Remember to wash your hands after food preparation as well.

5. If you like to hold your pets, you have to wash your hands before and after holding it. You do not want to pass germs to your dear pet, and you do not want the germs from the pet to spread to you.

6. When you or your family member is sick, you must remember to do it frequently.

It is surprising how many times we need to perform such simple action, yet we do not know how to do it well.

If you have young children at home, make sure you teach them, not just tell them. It is better for them to grow up with the right way of doing things, rather than enter adulthood without knowledge of it.

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