How Well You Write Does Not Determine How Much You Earn

When it comes to the matter of writing for cash, how well you write does not determine how much you earn.

If a good command of English language is a main determining factor, then all the native writers from English speaking countries will earn more than those from other countries.

However, we can see that many good writers are lamenting about their miserable income.

They wonder why many badly written articles are getting page views while their well-researched and well-written articles do not get even 20 views.

Let us look at some of the factors that determine how much you can earn from article


1. Niche

When it comes to broad categories that always make more money than others, we have to think about Business, Finance, Health and even Pets.

However, even in a broad category, we have to find a niche.

Not all articles about finance will make money.

If you are writing about tips for saving money, that article will earn less than an article about forex leverage article.

Some unlikely niches that can attract page views are household related content.

It seems there are endless searches for articles about the best way to clean bathroom tiles.

How much you earn from each article varies. As long as the article is unique enough, and you manage to use the seo techniques to get more readers from search engine, you can earn more from an article for a long time.

2. Writing with advertisers in mind

Many writers know that they must write for readers.

They expect that readers will bring cash to them. Sometimes they wonder why an article with 10,000 page views do not earn as much as an article with 1,000 page views.

The problem is that they do not write with advertisers in mind.

You have to understand that advertisers pay you. Nearly all monetizing methods require readers to click on the advertisements in order for the writers to earn.

If out of 10,000 readers, only one click on the advertisement, how much do you think this article will earn?

On the other hand, out of 1,000 readers, 30 might click on the advertisements.

The problem is: how do

you write with advertisers in mind?

The key is to provide enough information, but not too much.

Keep the readers hungry, so that they will click on the advertisements to learn more about the subject matter.

That means how much you earn from article writing has to do with your commercial mindset.

Never forget that advertisers use your content to sell products and services.

3. Seo techniques

Seo stands for search engine optimization.

That means the search engines must know what the content is all about.

If the search engines index your content, and there is not a single keyword that tells of the subject matter, you will not get readers from search engines.

Let us say that you are writing about knitting needles, and the various ways to knit. Make sure that your keywords stand out.

Do not use the term Free Time or Winter so many times, otherwise the search engines will think that your content is about having free time in winter.

Many good writers can write very well, but they do not know the seo techniques of article writing.

That is why how much you earn has more to do with the techniques, and not how well you write.

Just remember the eternal truth that how well you write does not determine how much you earn.

Even the best selling writers need editors. They are not necessary the writers with perfect command of English.

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