How To Write More Articles Every Day

You know that article writing is a good way to make money online.

You wish that you can write more articles every day.

You have learnt from your own experience that writing just one article a week is not enough.

Assuming that an article gets one page view per day for two years, you are looking at just 730 page views in two years.

If the average earning rate is at $2 per 1000 page views, you are looking at an earning of $1.46 per article.

If you can only write an article a week, that means you are making only $1.46 for that week.


is not enough for anything. You know very well that article writing does not earn cash immediately. You get a passive return spread throughout the life time of the article.

How to write more articles every day? What can you do so that you can write not only one, but several articles per day?

1. Best time to write

You need to find a best time to write.

If you are a morning person, you can wake up an hour earlier, and use the time to write.

You will be surprised how much work you can do within that hour. Since it is your best hour, you will find that ideas and words just flow.

There is no need to think so long, and stare blankly at the blank word document.

2. One topic per day

Even if you write four articles per day, you should not jump topic.

One topic per day is the trick to write more articles per day.

Within a topic, you can find many ways of writing.

For example, the topic you in mind is about cats. You can write four different breeds of cats. You can also write four different types of cat food.

Focusing on just one topic per day means you do not need to use different writing style. It saves time.

3. Freestyle writing

You can use the freestyle writing method to write.

That means you write the way you speak. Most of us tend to speak in a casual manner, yet we adopt the editorial approach in writing.

That is why most of us cannot write so many articles per day.

The best is to write as if you are talking to a friend. Write as if you are explaining something to a person who knows nothing about the topic.

When you write, just write, do

not use the time to edit.

Editing in the midst of an article disrupts your momentum. You will find that you do not have the energy nor inclination to finish the content.

4. When ideas come

Sometimes our brains come out with completely different writing ideas when we are in the midst of an article.

For example, you are writing about cats, and all of a sudden, you think about fried chicken wings for dinner.

You can write the thoughts down in the article or a separate piece of paper.

That will bring your focus back to the cat topic.

If you do not write the different idea down somewhere, the thought of chicken wings will take over your mind. You will find that writing about cats is no longer possible.

5. Split a long content

When you are in the flow, you may end up with a 2000 words article.

That is a very good news. You can just split the content into three or four separate articles.

You can give the articles different titles.

For example, the first article is about breeding of Siamese cat. The second article is about taking care of orphaned kittens. The third article is about diet requirement of the Siamese kittens. The fourth is about finding a good home for the kittens.

When you are writing a single article, the ideas just lead from one to another. When you are editing, you can split and create introductory and ending paragraphs for each.

That will turn it into a self contained article.

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