I Get More Than $200 Cash From Credit Card

I get cash from credit card a few times even though I do not spend much of my own money.

In certain months, my total credit card bill is less than $70.

Judging from my spending habit, it seems impossible to get any cash from credit card, but there are ways to do it.

I get about a hundred dollars cash when I sign up for two credit cards from the same bank. As each credit card has a newbie offer of $50 cash upon activation, I earn about a hundred dollars.

After the first activation, I studied the reward gallery.

I decided on the

$100 cash reward.

It requires a spending of about ten thousand dollars.

There is no way I can spend so much money, since there is nothing much I really want to buy.

In order to get that $100 cash reward, I keep a lookout for opportunities to charge to my credit card, without me spending the money.

I got such opportunity a few months ago.

A few friends were going for a holiday together.

I asked them to pass me cash, and I used my credit card to pay for their tour packages.

That incident added thousand of points towards the redemption of the cash reward.

I did it a few more times, each time shamelessly asking my relatives or friends to pass the cash to me, and I paid for their purchases with credit card.

A couple of months later, I had enough points for the cash reward.

That means I get another $100 cash from credit card.

By then, I already earned $200 cash from my credit card.

I started to pay attention to all the

offers from the bank. In a recent promotion, the bank offered to pay $50 for a minimum chargeable expenditure of a certain amount.

I definitely could not spend so much, since it was more than my monthly salary.

Once again, I called around to ask if I could pay for things that my friends intended to buy.

I met the requirement to earn $50 cash. The money was credited to my credit card recently.

It is really good to get cash from credit card.

The best is that I do not have to use my own money, and I do not get into debt. Since I get the cash from friends and relatives at the point of paying for the items, there is really no reason for me to get into debt.

I am really glad that credit card becomes another source for me to make some extra money. This is easier than writing articles and earning from Triond and Expertscolumn.

Have you earned any cash from your credit card? If not, you can try to do so. You can also join Triond and Expertscolumn to earn cash online. 

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