I Wish For Healthy Aging, And A Painless Death

There are many old people in the world.
There are many different ways to die too.
Many old people have physical pains, due to health problems. In fact, not just the old people, since many cancer patients are bearing up with the pain too.
I do not wish to have such painful episodes in my life. I do not even wish to have another toothache.
I wish for healthy aging, and a painless death.
The best is to die peacefully in sleep.
Glad to hear that most of my ancestors have such painless death. They do not die in the

manner usually show in the TV series.
We, the relatives, do not get to see them taking their last breath, and with unspoken words.
Most of my ancestors die in their sleep.
They do not even look like a dead person in the morning, since they are showing a peaceful expression outwardly.
It is only when we try to wake them up, then we know that they have passed on. The body is cold.
That is how I want to exit from the world.
I want a painless death, hopefully I dream of all the good things in life, and in the other world, and I die with a smile on my face.
That is the best way to die.
In fact, the Buddha teaching promises that we can have such a peaceful and painless death. We just have to do

good, and bear no evil thought for anyone.
I wish for healthy aging too.
Many old people suffer from all kinds of pains, and aches. They have to take painkiller to dull the pain.
However, there are some old people who are pain free.
They live to a hundred years without a single surgery and without any chronic pain.
These are the ones with good genes, and good habits. You do not see them indulge in alcoholic or eat too much food.
They always eat enough for their daily needs. They work as long as they can, and enjoy life helping others.
That is a healthy aging process that I hope to have too.
I wish for healthy aging and a painless death. It is not too early nor too late to think about it, since whatever we do today will affect us in our old age.
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