Imperfect Articles Get More Page Impressions

Many good writers lament about the quality of articles online.

They wonder why their articles with perfect grammar and spelling do not get page impressions, while those sub-standard articles get more page impressions.

The fact is that they do not see from the eyes of the readers.

If you suffer from a terrible toothache, and you use the Internet to search for information about how to stop the tooth from aching, are you going to pick on the spelling mistakes?

You would value an article with solutions, even though every single sentence contains a spelling mistake. You do not care how bad the article

is written. You only care about how the information can stop your tooth from aching.

Knowledge is more important to you at this moment.

You have noticed in real life that many smart persons, such as the richest persons, the smartest scientists and the talented sportsmen or sportswomen do not have good command of English.

People can forgive them as long as they show ability to remain at the top of their field.

The same principle applies to writing online. As long as you have information to share, and your tips bring comfort and relief to people worldwide, you will get more page impressions than those articles with perfect English and little substance.

Most of the time, you do not know which article will get more page impressions than others.

You will know after you have written and published the article.

You will find that readers do not share the same sentiment as you. When you feel that one article is your best work so far, the readers may think otherwise.

They may value the sub-standard article that you have written years ago. They will forward the link to their friends, and get more people to read


That is why it is more important to write articles that benefit others, rather than to worry about your command of English.

As long as your English is good enough for you to earn from writing articles, the readers will forgive you when you focus on the substance and the seo techniques of writing.

Best writing writers are not best selling writers.

You can see that many little known writers have better writing skills than the best selling authors.

The difference is that the best selling authors know how to promote their work.

They do not wait for readers to promote their work.

They will give speech, write blog content, and do whatever to promote their content. That is why the ability to sell and market your articles is even better than the ability to write perfect article.

In the realm of online writing, seo techniques is the invisible marketing tool. You are using the search engines to bring readers to your articles.

Perfect articles without seo techniques will never get enough page impressions to make money. Imperfect articles with seo techniques will produce enough page impressions to make money for the writers.

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