India And China: The Two Superpowers Of Asia

It is fortunate that India and China are separated by the mighty Himalayan range.

If not for the mighty mountains, both countries would have gone to wars thousand of years ago.

Both India and China are two superpowers of Asia, even before our modern days.

Before we look into the economic side of India and China, we can look into the historical and cultural aspects.

We can see how both India and China affect the thinking of the world.

India is the motherland of both Buddhism and Hinduism.

Even though the actual geographical location of Buddha birth place is in present day Nepal, the historical fact

is that Nepal was part of India long ago.

Without the influence of India, the culture of Asia would be very much different.

The Chinese classic, Journey to the West, would not happen because this is based on the spiritual quest of a Chinese monk for Buddhism classics. He undertook the tough journey of traveling from China to India for the Buddhism texts.

While the caste system in India was seemed as unfair in the eyes of many people today, this system has provided stability to the society for a few thousand years.

Now let us talk about the cultural influence of China.

China has a written history of 5000 years. It is marvelous in the sense that papers and books were available so long ago, and the Chinese took the effort to keep meticulous records.

The records also showed the invention

of many items, such as the gunpowder.

Many people know about Feng Shui. This is perhaps the cultural aspect of the Chinese that is applicable worldwide.

The teaching of Confucius, and the integration of Buddhism into Chinese culture creates a completely new tradition.

Many people are impressed with the Kung Fu monks. They are eager to learn more about the martial arts rather than the Buddhism teaching of Shao Lin temple.

It is really fortunate that the mighty Himalayan separates the two superpowers of Asia.

Both Indians and Chinese are very proud of their country, their history and culture. Since both countries have huge population, it is not hard to imagine how disastrous a war would do for both India and China.

India and China are both superpowers of Asia today. They are having a completely different types of war today. They wage economic war, and they wage scientific war.

Let us hope that physical war does not occur.

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