It Does Not Matter

My colleague is a very likeable person.

Everyone likes her, simply due to the fact that you feel good after talking to her.

She always tells you that it does not matter, even though you know that you have messed up.

Most of the problems are actually big problems.

Hardly anything gets into the skin of the employees than wrong computation of salary.

Actually many people blame the wrong person when they see their salary payments are wrong.

Instead of blaming their bosses for messing up the systems, they blame the one doing the payroll.

My colleague always get the blame from employees, because she does the


It is not her fault that supervisors and managers forget to approve the overtime.

If they do not approve overtime hours, then the payroll system will not count the hours.

The employees will get less.

Many supervisors and managers apologize to her after learning about their mistakes. Even though she has the right to scold them, she never does that.

She just says that it does not matter. She tells them the way to rectify the problems, so that workers will get their due amount the next month.

Most people have the complete opposite reactions. They will talk as if an hour less payment is

a very big issue.

They may even send email and let all the big bosses know about the mistakes of the supervisors.

They want to prove that the supervisors and managers are wrong.

It really does not serve any purpose, except getting everyone upsets.

That is why my colleague is so likeable. Everyone likes the fact that she sees things in the right proportion. It does not matter that we make mistake, as long as we do not do it deliberately, and we know how to rectify.

In fact, many things in life do not matter in the long run too.

Try to learn from my colleague, and just says that it does not matter when others cause you trouble.

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