Is It Hard To Write Mystery Novel?

Is it hard to write mystery novel? How do you learn to write mystery novel?

All writers will tell you that the difficult part is not to write mystery novel. The difficult part is to market and promote the mystery novel.

There are many mystery novels out there in the market. While readers love mystery novel, they rarely take the chance to buy mystery novel by new writers.

They prefer to stick to the famous mystery writers.

How do you learn to write mystery novel?

There are a few ways that mystery writers learn the rope of writing mystery novel.

You will notice that many famous

mystery writers come from law enforcement background. They are familiar with the police procedures as well as technologies.

Some mystery writers are investigative journalists. They get to cover murder cases and get to know the law enforcement team.

However, there are many mystery writers who do not have legal or law enforcement background.

Many of them are great readers. They read nearly all the mystery books that they can find.

Some writers attend the creative writing course in the local college. They learn about using different voices, and different techniques of writing.

Many of them attend the court trials to get an idea of how the law enforcement system and legal system work.

If you are keen to write mystery novel, you must read widely. You can attend the trial of many common murderers as well as serial killers.

However, that is just the start of learning to write mystery novel. You need to mingle with those working in the law enforcement

teams. You should not make vital mistakes where you talk about the investigative procedure.

The difficulty of becoming a mystery writer is in the publication of the book. You will find that the editor will ask for many rewrites before he publishes the book.

You may have to change the ending or the plot. The publisher knows the current market sentiment.

He knows what the readers want. While he allows you freedom in creativity, his chief aim is to make money out of marketing your book.

Promoting your first mystery novel is really hard work. You have to write press release, set up a website, and write articles to market your book.

You cannot expect anyone else to show interest in your book if you are too shy to market it.

Many mystery writers become famous after a few books. It is rare for anyone to write just one book, and become a millionaire writer.

Are you ready to write mystery novel?

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