The Joy Of Reading Detective Stories

Since young, I love to read detective stories.

From the days of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew to the days of Sherlock Holmes, the joy of reading detective stories provides spices to an otherwise boring existence.

The best part of reading detective stories is to experience the thrill and excitement from the comfort of home.

There is no doubt that murder can change the life of a family forever. There is no doubt that many murder cases in real life do not get solved.

However, the cases are all solved in detective stories,. The theme of justice is strongly reflected in those stories.

Reading detective

stories provide an experience that most of us do not experience in real life. Hardly anyone has the opportunity to see a dead body, much less a body of a murdered victim. Hardly anyone has the chance to work with a famous detective as he solves the case.

However, we get all these from books.

The detective stories of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew are still popular among youngsters. They show what the young people can do if they set their hearts to it.

The Sherlock Holmes series is an evergreen series. The power of detecting, and the understanding of human nature are aptly described in Sherlock Holmes series. The friendship between Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson makes us envious. How we wish we have friends as supportive as Doctor Watson.

Many modern detective stories, such as Inspector Rebus, Harry Bosch, Adam Dalgliesh and Kurt Wallander series feature detectives with feelings and personal problems, yet they are all dedicated to their work.

Many books also highlight the scarcity of resources devoted to the law enforcement team. The police has to work within the law and the limited financial resources.

I love the fact that many detective stories are available in paperback. I can read them within a day or two. It is so fulfilling to solve the murder in

just a few short hours.

Reading detective stories allow us to escape from the boring job and boring life. It allows us to enter the world of suspense without physically present. It allows us to experience the blood, the thrill while comfortably sitting in bed.

Many detective stories have surprising ending. Some regular readers of a series can guess the murderer since they are very familiar with the style of writing.

For example, the Agatha Christie stories usually follow the theme of husband murders wife, and wife murders husband. That is why you read with the knowledge of he murderer.

Many modern detective stories are more subtle. They do not follow a standard template in developing the stories.

Kurt Wallander series even have international and political angles to the stories.

I like the small town detective stories more than the big cities detective stories. Donald Harstad is one of the best writers in featuring the work of small town detective. It helps that he has more than thirty years of experience to rely on.

The fact that many small towns cover a large tract of vacant land means they are unknowingly harboring many criminals.

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