Jurong Point Shopping Centre

Sometimes I just hate Jurong Point Shopping Centre.

In case you are not aware of where this shopping mall is, Jurong Point Shopping Centre is the busiest neighborhood mall in Singapore.

In fact, it is so crowded that it beats many shopping malls in the popular Orchard Road.

Why is it so crowded?

For one thing, Jurong Point Shopping Centre happens to house the busiest bus interchange in Singapore.

The bus interchange serves the students in the elementary schools, the high schools, and a college. Students like to enjoy the atmosphere in the busy malls.

Most of them just head for the fast food restaurants.

You can

find nearly all the fast food restaurants that you can think of.

The bus interchange also serves the people working in the Jurong Industrial Estate and the Tuas Industrial Estate.

Next to Jurong Point Shopping Centre is the train station. The Boon Lay station is a very crowded station. When you see that the train is arriving in two minutes, most likely you are going to miss the train, even though you have entered the station.

You need at least two minutes to reach the escalator, and another few seconds to let the escalator creeps to the platform.

The combination of bus interchange and train station bring the local population to Jurong Point Shopping Centre.

Have I even mentioned about the few tourist attractions nearby?

Chinese Garden is just minutes away by train. The Jurong Bird Park is just a few stops away. Singapore Discovery Centre is just a train station away.

Since the traveling time between train station

is usually two to three minutes, you can imagine the hungry and thirsty tourists flock to Jurong Point Shopping Centre.

There are many housing estates in the region. Those people shop there.

There are also many dormitories to house the migrant workers. They like Jurong Point Shopping Centre too.

What can you do if you want to avoid the crowd?

You can go there in the middle of the night for grocery shopping.

That means you can walk to Jurong Point Shopping Centre at 2 am in the morning. You will see many shoppers in one of the largest supermarket in Singapore, namely the Fairprice Hypermart.

It opens 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. It shuts down for a day during the Chinese New Year.
Rest assured that many people are still awake. You will not feel as if you have stepped into a dead and scary place.

If you are visiting Singapore, you can stop by this place during the evening peak hour. The crowd is unbelievably large. You do not even feel as if you are walking on your own accord. The crowd will just push you along! 

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