Learning Organization

What is a learning organization? What are the main characteristics of a learning organization?
The question of a learning organization is a popular question for students studying business or human resource management.

Introduction to a learning organization
A learning organization changes to adapt to the business environment. The characteristics of a learning organization are: organizational design, information sharing, leadership and organization culture. These characteristics result in the employees taking ownership in learning, so that the company can remain an industrial leader.

Let us look at the main characteristics of a learning organization.

Organizational design
A learning organization is an organization without boundary.

/> The management works closely with the employees from the floor. This is made possible by the formation of different teams to tackle problems and work on creative solutions. Some examples of a learning organizations are seen from Toyota Production System, and Six Sigma developed by Motorola.
All these are the result of teams working together in a boudaryless organization.

Information sharing
Many learning organizations use intranet to facilitate information sharing. In this way, employees can understand the breakthrough or methods develop by other departments.
Learning organizations also use different methods, such as brain storming, team building, and structured learning for information sharing.

The top management has to lead by example. When the senior managers are reluctant to accept new technology and spend money

on training, the company cannot develop into a learning organization.
The top management must allow mistakes. Some companies, such as 3M, are tolerant of mistakes, and even celebrating mistakes. That is why the employees are not afraid to conduct research and experiments.

Organization culture.
The organization culture determines the behavior of the employees.
It is easy to highlight a few core values. Some examples of core values are: customer focus, integrity and can-do attitude. However, to translate the core values into a culture is difficult. The best way is to reward for good behavior.
The slogan of Nike, Just Do It, is so famous that everyone knows. The corporate culture of Nike reflects the Just Do It spirit.

Conclusion to the learning organization
A learning organization can adapt to ever-changing business environment, and remains as industrial leader.

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