The Link Between Poverty And Obesity

There is a link between poverty and obesity in some countries.

The link between poverty and obesity exists notably in the America.

It seems that the poorer cities and towns are having a higher obesity rate than those in major cities.

The reason given by many people in the poorer towns and cities is that the cost of fast food is lower than the cost of lean meat and fish.

They do not have extra money for exercising equipments and other health care products for weight loss.

If you take a look at the major cities where people use the public transportation rather than driving

to work, you can see that obesity is not so much a problem.

While most people are not exactly slim, they are not obese. The daily rush for the public transportation, plus the knowledge of healthy eating keeps them within a healthy weight range.

The rich and the famous are the ones with the money to eat well, dress well and go for cosmetic surgery to look good.

Does that mean that poverty and obesity is linked forever?

That is not true. The link between poverty and obesity does not exist in China.

It is just the opposite in China. The people from the poorer province hardly have the chance to eat meat and fast food. They eat vegetables and rice all the time. They can even eat a few bowls of porridge with pickles and nothing else.

They work in manual job throughout the day. The fact is that when a person is hungry, tired and poor, they will eat simply.


people in China still drink Chinese tea throughout the day. The lure of coffee with milk and sugar has not enticed most of the people outside major cities.

The rich and the upper middle class are the ones with the money for the fast food. That is why the children in the cities are morbidly obese. Many of them are so heavy that they cannot walk. Their legs are bent, and not straight.

This shows that the link between poverty and obesity is not set in stone.

As long as you get rid of fast food and soft drinks, you can lose weight. A change in the diet is a must for weight loss.

You must learn to eat vegetables and fruits. It is true that meat and fish are expensive. However, vegetables and fruits are not. The frozen vegetables and fruits are as nutritious as the fresh ones.

The only problem is your perspective.

Most of us prefer fresh fruits and vegetables rather than frozen fruits and vegetables.

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