Losing Money In The Stock Market

If you want to learn investment, and get rich, be prepared to lose money in the stock market.

Everyone loses some money in the stock market.

Losing money in the stock market is not a big deal.

This is part of the process of learning. You can treat it as a form of tuition fee.

The only thing that matters is that you learn from your mistakes. It is all right to lose money in the stock market, provided you learn and never make the same mistake twice.

Losing money in the stock market always brings out the worst behavior in a person.

Some people blame

their friends. Some people blame the government. Some people blame the hot tips that they receive online.

They forget to blame themselves. If they are not so greedy, and want to get rich easy and fast, they would not invest in stock market in the first place.

If they have done their homework, and read the annual report before investing, they may not have chosen a particular company to invest.

The most important thing is that you learn, and you will sooner or later make more money than

the amount you have lost.

If you had lost a thousand dollars, and the next investment yields a thousand and three hundred dollars, you are better off with three hundred dollars profit.

That is why you should not give up after losing some hard earned cash in investment. Just make sure you learn, and never blame anyone for the losses. Just make sure that you know your risk appetite, and invest with money that you well can afford to lose.

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