Lucky Star Pendant

Of all the pendants made by Thai monks, the lucky star pendant is the nicest looking.

Lucky star pendant, known as Dao Pun Jin in Thai language, is made for the sole purpose of increasing your luck and to change bad luck into good luck.

Dao Pun Jin literally means Magical Star.

Only a few monks specialized in making this lucky star pendant.

One of the monks, Luang Phor Erp of Wat Nong Mor Gaeng (also translated as Luang Phor Eaib), learns the art of making it from the late Luang Phor Pinak, a very well known master for powerful amulets.

What is the building material

of Lucky star pendant?

The lucky star pendants made by Luang Phor Erp do not contain corpse flesh or ashes, unlike those made by his master. In this case, it does not contain occult power that is feared by most people.

The materials are mainly herbs and powder.

The lucky star pendant has two sides. One is the 5 pointed stars in bright red color, and 3 gems embedded in it. The other side is either silver or gold color with 8 pointed stars.

What can the pendant help you?

This lucky star pendant will help you in your career, business or sales. It will help you in the relationship aspect of your life too.

The lucky star pendant is not just a normal accessory, since the monk made it personally. He also consecrated and blessed it.

The owner of the lucky star pendant will feel at peace with himself. He will have a happy and satisfied outlook towards life in general.

Most people using the lucky

star pendant do not experience great luck at first.

For example, a lady was in a large shopping mall. She was in unfamiliar territory. All of a sudden, she was in urgent need of a washroom. She did not know where the washroom is.

Just at this moment, her old school classmate happened to pass by, and greeted her. Her ex-classmate directed her to the nearest washroom.

Stories like this go to show that lucky star pendant is effective in small ways.

Do not expect it to bring you great windfall. However, you can experience a parking lot just when you need it. You can experience the joy of a job promotion even though you do not think you are better than your colleagues.

You can take a look at the picture of this Lucky Star Pendant here.  

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