Make Money Blogging: Writing Your Blog Post And Selling Your Own Products

Make money blogging: Writing your blog post

Make money blogging essentially consists of two parts.

The first part in make money blogging is in writing your blog post. The second part in make money blogging is to promote the blog.

Even if you are using content from article directories, and do not need to write your own blog posts, you still have to work hard in promotion.

Bear in mind that auto-blogging never get a chance to become the most popular blogs. Those popular blogs, such as Problogger and John Chow, are blogs with unique content. The bloggers are passionate with their blogs.

Let us

talk about the first part of make money blogging.

What can you write about? You can write about anything and everything that come to your mind.

However, you need to find a way to monetizing the blog posts. Even if you are writing about the difficulties of feeding your baby, you need to think about the make money part of blogging.

You can make money blogging by putting related products in your blog post. For example, you can get the image of the milk powder and put it in your blog.

That is one way to make money blogging while enjoying ranting about your beloved baby.

Make money blogging requires you to think about monetizing before you start writing.

Even if all you are ranting about is the cost of toilet roll, you can still make money blogging by putting the link to buy the toilet roll from Amazon.

Make money blogging: selling your own products

Have you seen bloggers who do not use Google Adsense to make money blogging? You wonder how they make money blogging.

The fact is that selling your own products is the best way to make money blogging.

The blogger focus on creating good relationship with the readers. The blogger does not use Google Adsense and banners to divert

the attention of the readers.

The blogger wants to build up a huge subscriber base so that he can make money blogging by selling his own products.

What are the products you can sell?

You can create an ebook and sell to your loyal readers. As long as you can prove that you can provide valuable information in your blog post, your readers trust that you can benefit them even more by your own products.

Many webmasters with a website to sell the products and services are turning to blogging. They want to get close to the customers by sharing their thoughts and feelings. That is a very subtle way of make money blogging method.

Have you wonder how you can create products to sell? That will depend your interest and your expertise in real life.

If you are a good cook, and you know many great cooks, you can compile the recipes into an ebook. You can make money blogging by creating a blog to share the cooking tips. You can sell the products in your blog.

Make money blogging by selling your own products is the best way to generate cash. All the millionaire bloggers are selling their books.

If you are not even a blogger or you are a new blogger who do not know how to generate traffic to your blog, you have to learn the basic of make money blogging.

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    Hi Scheng, I had no idea you were using expertscolumn. I have not started my blog. I don't understand the rules yet. It looks like you are suppose to put ads from your personal google adsense account onto your blog articles, if I read the rules correctly. It is funny how once you join you no longer find any information about how to use it unless you are reading blogs about it instead of the guidelines and rules. I hope you are doing well, this article was informing.
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