Make Money Online By Bum Marketing

What is bum marketing? How do you make money online by bum marketing?

Bum Marketing means to write articles and promote the products and services of others. You earn when the readers click through your link and buy the products.

Bum marketing requires article writing and submitting them to article directories. Most article directories do not allow you to put the affiliate links or any link in the article itself. However, many article directories allow you to place a signature link through the author resource box.

You can put the affiliate link or a live link to your website. Certain article directories do

not allow affiliate links even in the resource box, that is why you need to direct traffic to your website.

The search engines will index the links and increase the page rank of your website. That is why many articles continue to generate a constant flow of readers from search engines years later.

Bum marketing is supposedly so easy that a bum can do it. However, bum marketing is getting more and more difficult in a sense, since many top article directories do not allow direct affiliate links to the websites of the sellers.

You can buy domain names, such as those end with .info at $1 per year.

In this way, you can direct traffic to your website, before redirecting them to the websites of the merchants.

Bum marketing seems very easy, and everyone is doing it. However, getting rich through bum marketing is not that easy.

Some people have been doing bum marketing for years, and they know how to get readers to click the

links. They know which long-tailed keywords are best to promote a particular product.

You need to compete with those successful folks who have been doing bum marketing for years.

The only thing you do not need in bum marketing is perfect English. You just need to write a good enough article so that readers will read to the end, and click on the link. It is better to write many short articles with sufficient information for bum marketing.

The success of bum marketing is a matter of statistics. You can produce a few good articles and getting many backlinks to the articles. You can also produce many articles so that more readers will come across an article. You can submit the articles for bum marketing to many top article directories to attract different readers.

The best is to produce at least 20 articles for a particular product. You can monitor the page views and click through rate to see which article is doing well.

Once you know the article that does well for bum marketing, you can duplicate the success factors for writing other articles.

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