Make Money Online By Playing Games: Dungeons And Treasures

The top few players in Dungeons and Treasures managed to make more than $100 every month.

While their rank shows that they have invested in game credits, many other players do not fork out their own cash.

They make money online by playing games.

If they can do it, so can you!

How to make money online by playing games:

First, you have to sign up for free. Dungeons and Treasures is a free online RPG game. You do not have to pay anything.

Remember to type your paypal address correctly. You are paid through Paypal.

Second, you have to decide on a game strategy.

If you are

there for gold, and not the thrill of killing monsters, you have to add skill points to Ruse and Defense.

Ruse is to increase the success of capturing a monster.

You need to buy a net for this purpose. Once you have captured a monster, you can sell it away.

You must visit the temple everyday. You can get a few thousand gold pieces if you are lucky.

You must visit the Treasure Hunt every day for a chance to win gold pieces or real cash.

If you are there for the thrill of killing monsters, you have to add to Attack and Defense.

You need to buy good armor for defending yourself.

The fact is that it is impossible to get addicted to Dungeons and Treasures since the game allows one dungeon every day.

You can clear the dungeon in ten minutes’ time.

Every dungeon has about 18 to 24 monsters. The pieces of gold depend on your level. If you are level 100,

you can pick up much more gold than level 1.

Third, you have to reinvest your earning.

You can reinvest your first dollar, so that you can get 4 stars bonus. You can get 1 Fidelity point on the following month, and you can use it to exchange for 7000 gold.

Lastly, Dungeons and Treasures resets every month.

You can try out different strategy for the next month.

Once you have the best strategy for getting more gold pieces, you can make a steady income of ten dollars or more every month just by playing Dungeons and Treasures for ten minutes every day.

Make money online by playing games is very fun and easy.

You do not have to worry about getting page views, unlike article writing.

This game, Dungeons and Treasures, has been around for many years.

You can see players who joined way back in 2009 still active in this game. They are testimonies of how to make money online by playing games.

It is time you test out Dungeons and Treasures if you have not done so. 

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