Maybe Us Should Print Money Again

US economy is recovering slowly.

Jobs have been added to the economy since July 2011.

The happy news is that most of the jobs added are in manufacturing companies.

That means the factories in US are receiving more orders, and they have the needs for more manpower to cope with the orders.

The expectation of the workers has lowered.

People learn that it is better to have a lower paid job than to have no job at all.

The crisis has changed the mindset of the people.

Another factor is probably due to the devaluing of the currency. US has printed money again and again, causing the

US dollar to devalue against other currencies in the world.

As a result, the cost of labor is cheaper in US than before.

Many people find that US made goods are cheaper, and they like the quality more than China made goods.

Many companies are finding China too expensive.

It is hard to cope with the demand of the Chinese workers for more than 20% pay increment every year.

Even though China is still cheap, the days of cheap labor is coming to an end.

Should US start to print money again? It may be wise to devalue the currency again. The US workers need jobs.

A weak currency

is good for exporting goods, and bad for imported goods.

A weak currency can result in more jobs created in the economy. While the US unemployment rate is now very low, it is still way from full employment.

Since the world hinges on the recovery of US economy as an indicator of the global economy status,

it is vital that US recovers as fast as possible.

When people have jobs that pay enough, they are confident of themselves. They are more optimistic and willing to save for luxuries.

A weak currency also enables the listed companies in US to report supernormal profits. It is not due to the management, but due to the translation gain when converting sales from other currencies to US currency.

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