Money Can Make You Happy If You Use It Wisely

Money, by itself, does not bring happiness or problems to anyone.

After all, money is a tool.

If you just keep money and bury it in the ground, it is no use to you and to anyone else.

However, money can make you happy if you use it wisely.

The operative word here is use.

Using money to buy junk food is plain stupidity.

That is quickest way of buying untimely death and suffering.

If you want some examples, you can go to the hospital, and see how diabetic patients are suffering.

Using money to buy healthy food is wise. When you eat well, you feel happy. Your

physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing enable you to enjoy life to the full.

Without money, you cannot be happy,.

When you want to do good, you have to use money. Even f you say you use your free time to help others, you are indirectly using money.

You have to forfeit the chance to make more money since you are using your time for charity.

The rich people are using money to buy happiness, because they have the means to donate millions for the poor, the sick and the unfortunate ones.

The usage of money brings satisfaction in life. It is good to see that you can change a person life for the better because you chose to donate the cash instead of buying a new car.

The happiness associates with money is often in

the spending part of it. The short happiness is due to the fact that we buy whatever we want.

The long lasting happiness is due to the fact that we know we have done something right, and done something good.

However, making money is also a satisfying process.

When we do the things we like, such as writing articles, we are putting our hearts and thoughts into words. When we see that our articles bring us one cent, then two cents, and accumulate into hundred of dollars, that is a kind of happiness too.

At least we know that someone reads, and someone pays for the content. At least we know that we are rewarded for our effort.

A greater happiness will come when we use our hard earned money wisely.

Money can make you happy provided you are honest in making it, and using it wisely.

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