Money Is A Tool. Money Does Not Change A Person

Money is just a tool. Money does not change a person for good or bad.

We do not become a better or worse person just because we have money or we lack money.

We often think that people become greedy after they have a taste of the power of money.

However, that is a wrong perspective.

Even if we do not have a single cent in the world, we still will be greedy.

Greed is a personality trait that many of us are aware that we have it.

Greed makes us envious of the achievement of others. Even kids display such bad traits.

Many kids with many

toys do not like to play with their own toys. They rather take the toys of their friends, and play with these.

Even if they were to fight with each other, they still want the toys of others.

This is a display of greed.

Adults are more subtle. They still are greedy for more, and sadly, money is a tool to get what they want.

They will try all means to cheat others of their savings.

When they are rich, they will use their money to get more money.

Money is a tool for bad deeds. This is not because money is bad. It is due to the person who uses money is bad.

On the other hand, money is a tool for good people to do good.

Money does not change a person.

A good person who has money

will use it to do good. It does not even matter how much money he has. Even a poor person with a good heart will want to help. He knows that helping others can make him happier.

It does not even take money to offer assistance to people who need it.

Of course, having more money and more time is better.

Just bear in mind that money is a tool. It does not change us for better or worse. The more money we have, the more it highlights our character traits.

Somehow it does not become apparent that a poor person is greedy for more money. It also does not become apparent that a poor person has a good heart.

The effect on a rich person is different. Everyone will know how good or bad he is based on the way he spends his money.

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