My Experience With Kumanthong

Kumanthong means golden boy in Thai language.

After reading about the experience of other people with Kumanthong, I decided to get Kumanthong amulets.

At first, it was just one Kumanthong amulet made by Luang Phor Hong, a famous monk in Thailand.

Later on, the collection includes Kumanthong statues.

All of them are so adorable. They are my boys, my spirit children.

They do not create a nuisance of themselves, since I have told them to behave themselves. There is no need to have elaborated ritual to please my spirit children as well.

The other day, I wanted to test out the power of my Kumanthong.

I ask

them to give me a few hundred dollars, and I specifically mention that this amount must be excess cash, means not including the money I earn from my job.

When I ask them for the sum of money, I have in mind easy money, such as lucky draw winning or lottery.

However, my Kumanthongs do not encourage this attitude.

They did give me a few hundred dollars extra, but the money did not come easy.

It happen that right after I put the request to my spirit children, my boss gave me a big project to handle.

This enticed many hours of overtime work on both weekends and weekdays. My boss had authorized overtime payment.

The amount from all the overtime work is exactly the sum of money I ask my Kumanthong to give me.

As you can

guess, I am not really happy about it. I want easy money, the kind that comes without hard work.

I do not really enjoy working myself half dead just for a few hundred dollars extra. Fortunately I did not ask for a thousand dollars extra. I would not have the energy to crawl home in that case.

I still love my Kumanthong. I guess it is my fault to treat Kumanthong in this way. They are good boys. They definitely do not want me to get into the habit of laziness, and dreaming of big money that seemingly drops from heaven.

I will be more careful about asking my Kumanthong for money again. I guess my boys are teaching me to be grateful for my health, my family, my job, and enjoyment in life.

This is the website which I order most of my dear boys, my Kumanthong.

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