My First Domain Purchase

Yesterday night I made my first domain purchase.

While I have been thinking about getting a paid domain for years, I have never gone beyond checking the price and the availability of the domain name in Godaddy.

Yesterday night was the first domain purchase.

I was rather fearful about the whole process.

I was not really going to do anything about the domain name, since I only have the intention to buy and sell.

After paying more than $20 for the domain for two years, I was more than a little regret.

There is no going back.

Now that I am stuck with the domain, I have

to do something about it.

Getting a paid hosting is not in my plan.

I park the domain in Google, and monetize through Google Adsense.

At least when people enter my site, they will not see a 404 error.

The worst possible thing is that I cannot sell the domain. The best possible outcome is for me to make the sale at double or triple my profit.

I am not looking for outrageous sale figure. Only a fool will pay a few hundred dollars for an item that cost me more than twenty dollars.

After getting

my domain, I sign up at Namedrive to put up a sale.

If I can make a quick profit, well and good.

If not, I will have to build up tons of massive back links to the site.

It is a good thing that I have several years of experience in article writing. At least I know how to get incoming links, and get the Google PR2 within a year.

The best outcome is to have advertising revenue to pay off the investment, and then to sell the domain for at least ten times the cost price.

That will be great.

What is your experience with domain purchase? What do you do after making a domain purchase?

My first and only domain purchase so far is Retirement in Asia

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