Negative Calorie And Weight Loss

Do you know the relationship between negative calorie and weight loss? Do you know what is negative calorie food? Do you know that eating negative calorie food can help in weight loss?

If this is the first you come across negative calorie and weight loss, you need to understand the concept of negative calorie first.

What is negative calorie food?

Negative calorie food does not mean the food has zero calories.

All food to fill the stomach contain calories. Water has zero calorie. However, you cannot drink water to satisfy your hunger.

You know that your body needs energy to digest the food.

In most case,

the body needs 10% to 20% of the calories from the meal to digest the food.

For example, you have eaten a lunch with a total of 800 calories. Let us assume that the food is easily digestible. Your body probably needs just 10% of the calories to digest the food. That means you have an excess of 720 calories for other uses.

If you do not do enough to burn off all the 720 calories, you will gain weight.

If you eat negative calorie food, you will need more calories to digest the food. For example, you eat one fruit with 30 calories, and your body needs 40 calories to burn the food. That means the extra 10 calories come from your body.

That is how you can lose weight. Eating a negative calorie diet can

aid in weight loss.

Since you understand the relationship between negative calorie and weight loss, you certainly want to know what are the negative calorie food for weight loss.

Negative calorie food always come from the natural food source. You will not find processed food among the negative calorie food list.

Fruits such as strawberry, watermelon, orange, apricot and peaches are negative calorie food. You have to bear in mind to eat the fruits, and not drink the fruit juice.

The dietary fiber is the part that forces the body to use more calories to digest the food.

Many vegetables are negative calorie food as well. Vegetables such as celery, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber and radish are negative calorie food. If it is at all possible, eat them in the raw stage.

Negative calorie and weight loss are good partners. One will lead to another. By eating the fruits and vegetables as much as possible, you will lose weight.

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