Obesity Epidemic Is A National Problem

Obesity epidemic is a national problem. Obesity epidemic has the potential to become an international problem.

While you may think of weight problem as a personal problem, the fact is that society has to pay the price for obesity epidemic.

Obesity epidemic is caused by lifestyle choice. That means a person has the freedom to choose what to eat, when to eat, what to do and what not to do.

The choices a person makes every day determine the happiness and health of an individual. When a person makes the choice to eat fast food every day, and not to do exercises everyday,

he knows he has to bear the consequence.

However, he does not know that the society has to bear the consequence as well. He thinks only from his point of view.

He does not even think from his family point of views. When a person contacts cancer, many people pay the price.

The patient pays in the form of pain and suffering as a result of the cancer. The family members pay the price since they have to bear the cost of medication and care giving. The society pays the price in the form of providing health care facilities and expertise.

The government has to step in to provide the funding for providing essential health care service. The money comes from taxpayers.

That is why obesity epidemic is a national problem.

When many people in the population are obese, the cost to the society is very high. The future generation will have to pay for the lifestyle choices that you and I make today.

The future generation cannot just let us die without a decent healthcare. They have to bear the cost of health care.

When people are dying as a result of obesity related complications, they cannot work to provide for themselves. When more people are in need of medical care instead of working, the employers will have to

deal with the labor issue.

Those who are not working due to medical conditions do not pay income tax, since they have no income. At the same time, they are taxing the resources of the health care.

The problem is that obesity related problems are often chronic. The patients need expensive drugs and take a long time to heal.

Even after they heal, they may lost the earning ability.

Who is going to pay for this? The society as a whole. The money definitely comes from the government. However, the government gets it from the working population.

That is why obesity epidemic is a national problem. The fact that fast food restaurants are expanding rapidly throughout the world means obesity epidemic is becoming an international problem.

Developing countries such as China and India have their fair share of obesity problem in the cities.

The poor people in the countryside do not have the money to frequent fast food restaurants.

However, the middle class is facing the obesity epidemic problem.

It is sad to see that the relatively well off and highly educated middle class in these countries are feeding themselves to death.

Obesity epidemic is a problem now. Obesity epidemic will be a bigger problem in the future. The time for paying the price of obesity epidemic is coming.

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