Is Online College Nursing Degree For You?

If you are working as a nurse, you may consider taking up an online college nursing degree.

What are the pros and cons of online college nursing degree?

Let us talk about the pros of taking up online college nursing degree.

1. Work commitment

You can continue to work in your current job. Since many nurses work on rotating shift in the hospital, it is not possible to travel to a physical location to study for a degree.

You may not have the financial means to quit your job and study full time. The best solution is to take up online nursing degree so that

you can work and study at the same time.

2. Practical and theory

You can gain the needed experience while you are holding on the job. Your experienced colleagues can help you to apply the text book knowledge in workplace.

You can see how the latest technology is applied in the workplace. You can use the hospital to illustrate the answers to the essay question.

3. Choice of College

You can take up the online college nursing degree from a reputable college that is located elsewhere. That is an important factor since you may not stay near a college that offers nursing degree.

4. Save on traveling time

This is the greatest advantage of taking up on online college nursing degree. You do not need to fight the travel jam to attend a class. You do not need to worry about coming home late from a class.

You save on traveling time since you can study from the comfort of your home or anywhere else with internet connection.

5. Flexible scheduling

You can choose to take up one module or more modules. You can choose the time and place to study, since you need a laptop and internet connection to attend class.

The best thing about online college nursing degree is that you can study at the time when you are most alert.

6. Listen to the lecture many times

You can listen to the lecture as many times as you want to. If you attend physical class, you can only attend the lecture once, unless you have the opportunity to record all the lessons.

However, in online college nursing degree, you can listen to the same lesson as many times as you want to.

What about the cons of taking

up online college nursing degree?

1. Lack of motivation

It is very lonely to study on your own. That is especially so when the whole family is watching the TV. You need to have very strong motivation to attend the online class from the comfort of your home.

2. Lack of physical contact

Some people need the physical contact and rapport in order to stimulate their thinking. If you are one of those who need the physical contact, you will find online college nursing degree course extremely boring.

3. Lack of conducive study environment

Taking up online college nursing degree is not the same as attending class full time. You do not have the conducive study environment that a campus offers.

When you are studying full time in a campus, you will see students doing tutorial everywhere you go. This serves as a reminder for you as well.

However, if you study at home, the distractions are too many. The home environment is definitely not conducive for studying.

4. Social bias

You have to deal with social bias against online degree. Many people still think that an online degree course is inferior to that of the degree taken in physical campus.

Even though the examination is the same, and the lecturers are the same, and the standard is the same, there are still people who look down on online college degree.

This may have an effect on your motivation to work hard for the degree.

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