Opening Night By Ngaio Marsh

Opening Night by Ngaio Marsh features a young and starving actress, Martyn Tarne.

While this story is still a Chief Detective Inspector Alleyn novel, I find that the roaring success of Martyn Tarne steals the show.

Martyn Tarne arrives from New Zealand to look for acting assignment. She has money for a few months of survival in London. However, she loses her money and letters of recommendation.

By sheer chance, she ends up working as a dresser for Vulcan Theatre’s leading lady. Her strong resemblance to the leading actor is the cause of many conflicts among the actors and actresses. It does not

help that the play needs an actress with close semblance to the leading actor.

The actress who is holding the part does not perform up to expectation, yet she is the niece of another actor.

Another element in Opening Night by Ngaio Marsh is the fact that murder had happened in this theatre before. Chief Detective Inspector Alleyn was in charge of the earlier case.

The frequent reference to the earlier murder arouses a kind of superstitious fear among the actors and actresses.

The murder in Opening Night by Ngaio Marsh takes place only in the middle of the book. Chief Detective Inspector Alleyn comes after the middle of the book.

The suspense that has been building up from the beginning of Opening Night by Ngaio Marsh

reaches a new height with the entrance of Chief Detective Inspector Alleyn.

The pace of the Opening Night by Ngaio Marsh speeds up. Alleyn manages to solve the murder within a few hours.

Opening Night by Ngaio Marsh comes to a natural ending. The killer commits suicide after leaving a letter to explain his motive and opportunity.

This is a book with no absolute good guy and bad guy. I even pity the victim. He is an unhappy person who has lost self respect, the respect and love of his wife, and his colleagues.

The phrase that he was a good actor and a handsome man appear a few times in the book.

Opening Night by Ngaio Marsh is a good detective novel. The language is clean. The readers leave with a hope that Martyn Tarne has found her calling and happiness in life.

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