Personal Happiness

Do you believe that deep happiness come from within? Do you agree that personal happiness is the responsibility of everyone?

If you are not a happy person, you may tend to blame everyone else for your unhappiness. However,

if you stop to think about it, personal happiness or personal unhappiness is the result of your action.

If your boss decides to fire you instead of your colleague, you may feel that life is unfair. If you think about it, who wants an employee with a sour face and complains about everything and anything.

If you are unhappy with so many things in the office,

you cannot blame your boss for getting rid of you. He is as sick of your attitude as you are about the job.

That is why it is your responsibility for personal happiness.

Once you have experienced personal happiness, your facial expressions and demeanor will spread the happiness to others.

How to create personal happiness?

1.  accept who you are

You know that you will never become as rich as the richest persons in town. You know that you are never beautiful.

You know that you are not as talented as you hope to be. You have many imperfections that you can see. Everyone can see that too.

However, the minute you accept your imperfections, you are on the way to personal happiness.
You need to accept who you are, and love yourself.

2.  strengths

You have many strengths as well as your weaknesses.

It is impossible to conquer your weaknesses. You need to focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses. Many people accomplished great things because of their strengths, not their


Do you know who invented the light bulb? Do you know the name of the first person who reached the top of Mount Everest?

You remember them for their accomplishments. You do not even what weaknesses they had. You can forgive them for whatever weaknesses they had, since their weaknesses never affect you in any way.

Their stories of success serve to inspire you to achieve great things.

That is why stop thinking of conquering your weakness. Think about making use of your strengths, and think of what you can achieve when you realize your potentials.

3.  time for yourself

Most of us live most of our time for someone else.

We do housework for the sake of creating an environment for our family members. We work for our boss.

Most of us hardly have time for ourselves.

That is why a time for yourself is so precious. It is best that you can schedule an hour everyday just to pamper yourself.

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Scheng1 is a passionate blogger from Singapore. Rich in every sense reveals my deep desire in enjoying life, and be rich in every possible ways.  

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