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When a colleague suffered injuries while on a public transportation, I advised him to find a personal injury attorney.

He did not even know that personal injury attorney existed in Singapore.

However, he said that he does not want to sue the transport provider.

I told him that personal injury case, especially for minor injuries, hardly become a court case.

The purpose of getting a personal injury attorney is to get a better compensation amount, since they work on a no win no fee basis.

In the end, he decided to accept whatever the transport provider offered. He was, and still is, not comfortable with


A few months later, my friend sustained injuries in a major supermarket chain.

I told her to get a personal injury attorney to fight for her.

Her family was against the idea, saying that it was bad karma to bring a company to court. They did not know anything about personal injury attorney in Singapore as well.

I explained how personal injury attorney in Singapore worked, and I told her to pay very close attention to the commission rate.

I told her that many foreign workers in construction and marine industries know more about the function of personal injury attorney in Singapore.

They know that once they sustain work injuries, and the company refuses to report the accident, they have to get a lawyer to protect themselves.

It is surprising that the locals, who are better educated, and earning more salary, are so ignorant about the legal practitioners.

The supermarket chain has CCTV in major supermarkets. They acknowledged their liabilities since CCTV did not lie.

That was the perfect case for a personal injury attorney in Singapore to negotiate a better settlement.

Fortunately my friend was more open-minded than my colleague.

She did go down to the lawyer

office for a discussion.

Even though she did not sign anything yet, she was impressed with the knowledge of the lawyer.

The lawyer advised her to request for a medical report. They would discuss the commission rate after ascertaining the seriousness of the injuries.

Personal injury attorney exists in all parts of the world.

They are very good at personalizing the victim, so that the victim does not form part of the statistics to the big companies.

It is good to have more legal knowledge. At least know your rights as a consumer.

As a consumer using the public transportation, or buying things in the supermarket, the companies have to ensure your safety.

They have to ensure that you get to the destination, or buy the things you want, without sustaining any injury.

If you are so unfortunate as to hit by the falling tinned products, you need to go for medical checkup and find a personal injury attorney.

Since you pay nothing to the lawyer, you will not lose out. The lawyer will take a cut from the final settlement.

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