Poecilia Reticulata

You probably never heard of Poecilia Reticulata.

However, you have heard of the common name for this fish.

Poecilia Reticulata refers to the family of guppies.

You may not realize how popular the guppy is, since you can easily get a few guppies for a few pennies in the local fish shop.

Many hobbyists are obsessed with breeding the most beautiful and unique guppies, and selling them at a premium.

The scientific name of the common guppy is Poecilia Lebistes Reticulata.

It is a very long name for such a productive and common fish. The common name of the fish is named after Rev Thomas Guppy,

who identified the fish in Trinidad.

The common guppy grows to an inch for the male, and two inches for the female.

You can keep the common guppy in a small tank or a bigger fish bowl. You can even place a small desktop fish tank on the desk in your office.

Some Feng Shui masters advise their clients to do so. This is to improve the career luck so that the clients get the job promotion with higher bonus.

Many parents buy the cheap common guppy for their kids.

The hobbyists are not satisfied with the cheap ones. They want to breed Fancy guppies. As a result of selective breeding, using the strongest fish, the Fancy guppies are much larger than its cousin.

Let us take a look at some of the guppies.

1. Wild Guppy

Wild guppy is far smaller than the fancy guppies.

They are not as beautiful nor having such a big delta tail.

The characteristic of the wild guppy is the caudal fin marking. The wild guppy does not survive well in aquarium, since it lives in brackish water.

You need to add some salt to the water to create identical environment.

2. German Yellow Guppy

German Yellow Guppy has very bright and striking yellow dorsal fin and large caudal fin.

The body of the fish is blue color. That is why the color of the tail is so striking.

3. Flamingo Guppy

Flamingo Guppy is also known as the Red Tailed Guppy.

The hobbyists and fish farms work hard to

enhance the red coloration of the tail.

That is why the red coloration of the Flamingo Guppy gets brighter and deeper. You will appreciate the beauty of the fish when you have a few fishes swimming in the tank.

4. Endler Livebearer

Endler Livebearer refers to the wild guppy in South America.

This breed of guppies has a very short lifespan of less than a year. However, they breed easily.

It is not wise to keep the Endler Livebearer with other fancy guppies. Both the wild and the fancy guppies will lose their characteristics.

5. Golden Snakeskin Delta Guppy

The snakeskin pattern is apparent in the board caudal fin. Some believe that Golden Snakeskin Delta Guppy results into the famous Moscow Blue strain.

The problem with breeding fancy guppies is that the children do not always follow the pattern or coloration of the parents.

The fry of the German Yellow Guppy may turn out in every color except yellow.

That is the challenge of breeding guppies. You just do not know how many young fry will take after the parents.

Breeding Poecilia Reticulata is a challenging and yet satisfying job. Even if you are not into the task of breeding Poecilia Reticulata for show, you can still enjoy keeping a tank of graceful guppies.

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