Polyrhachis Vicina Roger Is A Nutritious Food

Do you like to have Polyrhachis vicina Roger for dinner? Do you want a steamy hot Polyrhachis vicina Roger soup? Do you want a plate of stir fried Polyrhachis vicina Roger with rice? Do you want a Polyrhachis vicina Roger salad? Or do you want to Polyrhachis vicina Roger raw?

Do you even know what is Polyrhachis vicina Roger?

Polyrhachis vicina Roger is an edible black ant.

The marvelous history of Chinese documented the properties of eating Polyrhachis vicina Roger.

Black ants are eaten as both food and medicine.

Many people today are eating the black ants as well. One of the most popular uses

of black ant pill is for increasing male fertility.

Another popular use of black ant pill is to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Polyrhachis vicina Roger is also known as Black Thorny, mountain ant or weaver ant. Most people call it simply as the Black ant.  After all, it is terribly hard to remember and pronounce the scientific name. 

There are many researches on the nutritional properties of this particular breed of ants. There are certain clinical trials published in the Chinese Medical Journals about the healing properties of the black ants as well.

Polyrhachis vicina Roger is found to

be effective against joint inflammation, that is why it is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Since ants contain minerals and protein good for the bones, black ant pills are used for bone and joint support as well.

Some studies even claim that this breed of ants is good for treating cancers. However, that is not the selling point of black ant pills.

The selling point of black ant pills is the recognized effect on male and female fertility. The Chinese history of 3,000 years support this selling point.

Polyrhachis vicina Roger is in abundance in China and Asia. There is little risk of extinction despite its popularity as food and medicine.

If you are in China, and are keen to eat exotic food, you can order a plate of this breed of ants for dinner. If you cannot stomach the idea of eating ants, especially live ants, you can buy black ant pills.  

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