Popularity Of Eye Amulets

Eye amulets are among the most popular amulets in the world.

When you talk about eye amulets, most people will assume that you are talking about the Turkish evil eye amulets.

The Turkish evil eye amulets are nice enough to use as jewelries.

Some people believe that using Turkish evil eye amulets can protect a person from the harm of evil eye.

That means from the curse of a jealous person who has resorted to black magic.

In this article, we are not talking about the nice blue color of Turkish evil eye amulets.

We are going to talk about Duang Tar, the eye amulets of


The most famous monk for making Duang Tar is LP Pinut.

His amulets can sell from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. People are willing to fork out such money to get the protective items.

In Thailand, everyone values the stars and eye amulets made by LP Pinut.

There are many fake items around. If you see a price that is less than a hundred dollars, it is definitely a fake.

Why do people want the eye amulets?

The eye amulets can enhance your instinct of people. That means you can tell that the person is not genuine, even though he appears very sincere.

Some people are born with such ability to see through the wicked persons, but most of us have to learn from experience.

Having an eye amulet, a Duang Tar, can save you

from many heartaches. It is definitely a pain to trust in your soul mate, and then discovers years later that he is not interested in you at all. He is more interested in making use of you.

Another usage of eye amulets is to avoid office politics and backstabbers.

We see these kind of people everywhere.

The only factor is whether we are the target of these backstabbers.

Having an eye amulet is supposedly to help us in avoiding the falsehood of these people.

Many people swear that their Duang Tar serves its purpose, that is why the eye amulets made by LP Pinut can run into a cost of thousand dollars.

The problem is that even if you are willing to buy such items, you may not get it.

Those who have benefited from using the eye amulets will not want to let go of them.

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