Problems With Seo Writing

If you are a web content writer, you know the importance of using seo techniques in writing.

You know the basic concept of keyword density, keyword occurrence and keyword research. You would expect the article to rank reasonably well for the given keyword if you did seo writing correctly.

However, there are a few problems with seo writing.

What are the problems?

The fact is that Google changes the search algorithm frequently.

The latest change involves the rolling out of Google Panda. Google Panda is the rewrite of the whole search algorithm. Even before the community of webmasters and bloggers have time to make adjustment

to Google Panda, Google rolls out Google Instant.

Google Instant changes the way the users search for information. Before you can finish typing a word, Google Instant gives you selection of likely keywords.

The frequent and drastic changes pose difficulty for writers who engage in seo writing.

It seems that long tailed keywords are out with the introduction of Google Instant. Readers no longer need to use long tailed keywords since the search engine is able to predict what they want.

However, that is not the confirmed fact yet. It is still too early to see the effect of Google Instant. That is why seo writing is so challenging.

Just when you think you have mastered the art of seo writing to make money online, Google changes everything. While the assurance is that the basic seo never changes, it is hard to know what keywords to use in seo writing.

If you are a ghostwriter, the changes probably do not matter as much for you. After all, you just need to follow the instruction of the webmasters to incorporate enough keywords.,

You use the same seo writing techniques. The webmasters are the ones who do the keyword research, and give you the title for writing.

If you are writing for Google Adsense, the changes in the search algorithm can mean a

sudden rise in traffic. It can also mean a complete drop in traffic.

That is what makes seo writing so challenging. You have to keep up with the changes in Google search algorithm, and you have to monitor the performance of your articles closely.

More challenges are ahead. The changes in search algorithm will stop only when the search engine robots acquire the intelligence of human readers. It is hard to grasp that the search engine robots can judge the quality of the articles as good as the human brains.

That is why seo writing means constant adjustment to suit the changes. If Google Instant means the demise of using long tailed keyword phrases in seo writing, you have to learn to use shorter keyword.

If Google changes the search algorithm so that keyword density no longer matters, you have to change the techniques in seo writing as well.

It is important to know about the latest changes, and implement whatever is necessary to keep your articles on the first page of search result.

Seo writing is challenging. It is also rewarding when you manage to pull in traffic.

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